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Welcome to question and answers of China Post Tracking. If you have Post China tracking problem, please submit your question with the carrier name and tracking number, our Professional Service Team will answer about track your package ship from China Post as soon as possible.

If your parcel does not have tracking details yet. We suggest to ask a question or contact your online retailer or seller directly.

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22 comments on “China Post
  1. Please track my package. I have tried to no avail to find where my package is . I went to China Post page and they can’t find it. My tracking#LT581979323CN. Please I feel I have been ripped off. Thank you

  2. DOLE says:

    RS709334835NL China Post. Où est mon colis ? Where is my package ?

  3. Nicole says:

    Where are these packages?? LT199117671CN and also LT203286740CN

  4. bos says:

    recherche du suivi du colis rs193273024cn merci

  5. bos says:

    recherche colis rs193273024cn transporteur china post

  6. Aad Uijtdeboogaardt says:

    Please track package RO236358617CN for me
    From China to Netherlands
    Send with China Post Registered Air Mail
    Shipping date 10-aug-2016
    Thank you!

  7. Abhilash Tiwari says:


    I am expecting a parcel from China with the Tracking details as Tracking # RS092227175CN it has reached at Kolkata (India) office on 27.08.2016, till date I have not received the parcel. Could you please him me with the information when can it get delivered at my address.


  8. Ruby says:

    Please help to track RI826964573CN.

    • chinaposttrack says:

      The item is not found at this moment, If necessary, please contact with the sender and check back later.

  9. ionela says:

    Hi, I would like to know when my order will be shipped from china to romania RF182019595CN . Thank you

  10. J. Thrasher says:

    My package for tracking # LS564277696CN was attempted for delivery. I am not at home for a few days. Can someone contact me so we can reschedule a delivery.

    • chinaposttrack says:

      The latest status:
      2016-02-22 MONAHANS, TX 79756, Notice Left, We attempted to deliver your item at 8:27 am on February 22, 2016 in MONAHANS, TX 79756 and a notice was left.

      The driver will have left a notification card with a parcel reference number on it. You can find out where your parcel is using this number.

  11. Nikhil Gupta says:

    My tracking code is RI777161768CN. i am unable to track could you track and give me satus and updates.

  12. Brandon Kokoski says:

    Can you track RH208461176CN for me?

    • chinaposttrack says:

      Normally it will take 20 to 45 days to arrive(Russian and Brazil Postal service is slow),pls wait one more week.

  13. hariharan says:

    RI670363564CN – is suppose to be delivered on 2nd Nov. but still same not received. we need the parcel on or before 5th Nov.
    will it be reaching chennai on time???

    current status says that the parcel is handed over to kolkata customs.

    • chinaposttrack says:

      You can get it within 1 week.

      Destination Country Data:
      Date:2015-11-02 19:31 Status:Sent for Customs Verification Kolkata (ex Calcutta) Exchange Office (INDIA)
      Date:2015-11-02 17:02 Status:Article Received Kolkata (ex Calcutta) Exchange Office (INDIA)
      Date:2015-10-21 13:42 Status:Article Bagged Beijing Exchange Office (CHINA)
      Date:2015-10-17 17:04 Status:Article Booked CHINA

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