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Welcome to question and answers of Netherlands Post Tracking. If you have postnl tracking problem, please submit your question with the carrier name and tracking number, our Professional Service Team will answer about track your package ship from Netherlands Post as soon as possible.
If your parcel does not have tracking details yet. We suggest to ask a question or contact your online retailer or seller directly.

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176 comments on “Netherlands Post
  1. Donivi says:

    Please can you assist me with my package? Tracking number is RS442454374NL

  2. Sami Hanna says:

    hi can you please help me with my order?

    tracking number: RS448764184NL

    i even live in the same country as postnl shouldn’t it be faster?!

  3. Jen says:

    9 days ago, the package was on the way to the destination. No update since then.
    Tracking# RS460736439NL
    Do you have any more information? Thanks.

  4. Salman khatri says:

    can you please check my package status it Says the item arrived in country of destination and it is still same from 8 days. The tracking number is RS431639443NL.

  5. dcortes19 says:

    buenas noches quiero saber donde se encuentra mi paquete este es el numero de guia RS420363549NL ya que me dijeron que en un trascurso de 20 a 25 me estaria llegando y ese tiempo ya paso

    • chinaposttrack says:

      2016-03-22 The item has arrived in Nl,
      Nl to Colombia,Normally it will take 10 to 20 working days to arrive.

  6. Deryl says:

    Hi there. Please advise as to the status of my parcel. My tracking number is RS414150037NL. Thank you

    • chinaposttrack says:

      2016-03-31 BISHOPSGATE, At Office, First Notification to recipient.
      PostNl to South Africa, 10 -25 days.

  7. Igor says:

    Hello, can u help me with tracking my order?(( RS431756285NL
    Thank you very much!

  8. SLASH says:

    can i know what happening whith my parcel “RS360916203NL”

    thank you

    • chinaposttrack says:

      2016-02-13 The item is on transport to Albanian.
      The package is lost….pls contact your seller asap.

  9. RistoKylma says:

    Please can you tell me when i can expect to receive my package?

  10. abdul rafiq says:

    Hi can you tell me where my package is. Tracking number

  11. Mal says:

    Hello can you tell me where my package is? RS415496848NL

    Thank you!

    • chinaposttrack says:

      2016-03-24 The item is on transport to Ireland.
      Normally it will take 15 to 40 working days to arrive,NLto Ireland.

  12. tsikla700 says:

    there is no update since 14 march, can u tell me where is my package? RC457721584NL

  13. balisto says:

    Hey, could you tell me where my package is please? Tracking number is RS329366195NL. Thank you!!

    • chinaposttrack says:

      2016-03-19 11:46 The item has been processed in the country of destination.
      Hi here,
      You will receive it within 5 days.

  14. amanda says:

    Can You assist? My tracking number is RC458727053NL. I’ve been seeing this awhile now.

    • chinaposttrack says:

      The package is not found at this moment, If necessary, please contact with the sender and check back later.

  15. Daniel says:

    Hello, please tell me…. where is my package now? Tracking number is RS448897203NL

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