Tracking DHL


How it works?

Enter DHL Tracking Number,click the “TRACK” button..
DHL tracking number format is “9999 9999 99,999 999 999”
Sometimes the tracking numbers may change. If after 3 days you can’t get the tracking information, Please contact the sender to verify your tracking number and try again later.

How long will it take for dhl to arrive?

Normally it will take 10 to 40 days to arrive from China.
USA 3-7 days
English 4-8 days
Canada 4-8 days
Australia 4-7 days
Germany 5-8 days
France 6-10 days
Japan 3-5 days
Korea 3-5 days
Italy 6-10 days
Poland 8-10 days
Russia 7-15 days
Israel 10-15 days
Spain 10-15 days
South America 10-15 days
Africa 10-20 days
Middle East 3-10 days
Southeast Asia 5-10 days
* These arrive times are an estimation in working days, starting after the parcels leave the local sorting centre.

Customer Service

DHL Official Site:
Service number: 1-800-225-5345
Global mail: 1-317-554-5191

Where Parcel?

Where is my parcel?