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Welcome to question and answers of United States Postal Service Tracking. If you have USPS Post tracking problem, please submit your question with the carrier name and tracking number, our Professional Service Team will answer about track your package ship from China Post as soon as possible.
If your parcel does not have tracking details yet. We suggest to ask a question or contact your online retailer or seller directly.

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11 comments on “USPS Post
  1. Nicole says:

    How much longer will my packages be? First one is LT199117671CN and the other one is LT203286740CN. I am waiting for it in the US

  2. marius says:

    can you track LJ516405293US It’s almost 3 months and it appears in Belgium 2 months ago.10x

  3. MahaliaTalar says:

    I see your blog needs some unique articles. Writing manually is time consuming, there is tool for this task.
    Just search in gogle for: Fejlando’s tips

  4. Carol Gecek says:

    I need information about the status of LK696744335CN

  5. lol123 says:

    Can you give me some info for RC314718130NL
    The country destination is Greece and i ordered it like 3 weeks ago.

    • eason says:

      The Latest Status:
      The item is on transport to the country of destination,2015-12-04 20:42

      Normally it will take 20 to 30 days to arrive.
      Pls wait 5 days, track again or contact the seller.

  6. Deborah Domingo says:

    I would like the tracking of this package: LK711066801CN


    • chinaposttrack says:

      The Latest Status:China Post (EMS) is Preparing Shipment We have received notice that the originating post is preparing to dispatch this mail piece.
      You will get it within 10 days.

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