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Welcome to question and answers of China Post ePacket. If you have eBay ePacket problem, please submit your question with the carrier name and tracking number, our Professional Service Team will answer about track your package ship from EUB as soon as possible.

If your parcel does not have tracking details yet. We suggest to ask a question or contact your online retailer or seller directly.

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176 comments on “ePacket / EUB
  1. Beata says:

    Please track LX293959362CN

  2. TG says:

    Please provide tracking details/status for shipment LW145282295CN.


  3. Bea Riley says:

    It has been 3 weeks since I ordered. Checked many, many time to track package #. LW047828675CN and have never been successful. Where us my package? I see there are many others that have not been able to track their packages. What is going on?

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